July 29th, 2022

Asia’s Energy Transition and Japan's Path Forward

The Institute for International Monetary Affairs hosted the following webinar titled “Asia’s Energy Transition and Japan’s Path Forward”.

The Ukraine crisis has prompted Europe to further accelerate its decarbonization policies in order to break away from its dependence on Russia. For Japan and ASEAN to advance decarbonization, it is essential to accelerate energy transitions and promote financing. This webinar discussed the perspective of what strategies Japan should adopt in light  of the recent changes in these situations.

Presentations by panelists included the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Energy Transition Mechanism in Southeast Asia, JERA’s decarbonization efforts, and trends in sustainable financial markets in Japan and abroad. In the panel discussion, there was a lively exchange of opinions, including practical perspectives from the panelists on the following issues: (1) In Japan, strengthening information disclosure and introducing carbon pricing is inevitable for decarbonization, (2) The current state of decarbonization efforts in Asian countries in response to the significant decline in renewable energy prices and the importance of Japanese technological capabilities in contributing as a partner in Asia, (3) With a renewed awareness of the differences in energy situations in various countries, it is beginning to be understood that Japan should promote decarbonization in its unique way, such as the need to solidify Japan’s carbon pricing system as soon as possible to take a leadership role in Asia.

Date & Time Friday, July 29, 2022, 15:00-16:30 (JST)/14:00-15:30 (SGT)
Event Style Virtual Event via Zoom
Language Japanese (Simultaneous English translation available)
Contents Lecture and Panel Discussion


Panelists (in alphabetical order)

Toru Kubo     Presentation Slides
Director, Energy Division, Southeast Asia Department, Asian Development Bank(ADB)


He led ADB’s corporate initiatives on clean energy and climate change between 2004 and 2013. Since 2014 he has focused on Southeast Asia and currently in charge of ADB’s flagship Energy Transition Mechanism in the region. Prior to joining ADB, he was Asian Business Manager at Trexler Climate and Energy Services, and Research Associate at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.


Mana Nakazora   Presentation Slides (English translation conducted by IIMA)
Chief Credit Strategist / Chief ESG Strategist, Vice Chairperson, Global Markets, BNP Paribas, Japan


Prior to joining BNP Paribas, Ms.Nakazora spent time working at Nomura Research Institute, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan. She joined BNP Paribas in 2008 and has most recently been the Chief Japan Credit Analyst and Head of Investment Research for Global Markets Japan. She was appointed to Japan’s Economic and Fiscal Policy Council as the panel’s first female private-sector member in November 2021. She graduated from Keio University with a B.A. in Economics.


Kazuo Sakairi    Presentation Slides (English translation conducted by IIMA)
Corporate Vice President, Managing Executive Officer, Director and CFO, JERA Co., Inc.


Prior to joining JERA on April 2019, Mr. Sakairi was managing director and head of the Asia region for GCA Corporation (currently Houlihan Lokey), a leading global M&A advisory firm. He has over 25 years of M&A advisory experience working for leading Japanese financial institutions as well as for GCA. He obtained a degree in political science from Keio University in 1987.




Hiroshi Watanabe  
President,  IIMA


Mr. Watanabe after graduating from the University of Tokyo joined the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in 1972. Before retiring as Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs in 2007, he occupied various senior positions at the MOF. He later took high positions in Japan Finance Corporation before his appointment as the President of JBIC in 2013. Since October 2016 he has been the President of the IIMA.