🌐 T20 Japan 2019

IIMA has been in charge of the T20 Task Force 2 “International Financial Architecture for Stability and Development/Crypto-assets and Fintech”, and submitted the deliverables, which are 15 policy briefs to the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on May 30th, 2019.
As for policy briefs, please click here.

Our three Main Activities

  • 1.Research and Analysis

    We will conduct high-quality research and analysis on the issues relating to international money and finance, while fully utilizing the inherited expertise and accumulated knowledge.

  • 2.Information and International Exchange

    Building on our research and studies, we will promote discussions and exchange of information both at home and abroad, to help deepen the mutual understanding between Japan and the rest of the world.

  • 3.Publicity and Dissemination

    By effectively disseminating the findings of our research as well as policy recommendations, we will contribute to the stability and development of Japan's and the world's financial and economic society.