Eyes of IIMA(2017)

2017.12.21 "The Japanese Yen Outlook for 2018"(Kikuko Takeda)
2017.7.18 "Internationalization of the Yen in an “Asia First” Way"(Kikuko Takeda)
2017.6.14 "A success of China’s “Belt and Road” Forum may help improve Japan-China relations "(Naoki Umehara)
2017.5.29 "The Increasing Presence of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)~Future Roles of Japan~"(Kazuyuki Shiba)
2017.5.17 "IMF’s World Economic Outlook (WEO) and the Recent Policy Responses of Major Central Banks"(Kikuko Takeda)
2017.5.16 "GST to be Introduced Soon in India amid the high growth and continued poverty"(Akira Nakamura)
2017.5.1 "The Mexican Economy: Its Point of Focus"(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2017.4.25 "Direction of America’s Foreign Aids"(Yoshino Takeyama)
2017.4.21 "Japan also should introduce a regulatory sandbox for FinTech"(Mitsuru Yaguchi)
2017.4.10 "Enforcement of Japanese Law on Crypto Currency and Future Issues"(Kazuyuki Shiba)
2017.4.7 "China’s Expected Financial Reforms in 2017~In the stability-concentrated economic management~"(Naoki Umehara)
2017.4.3 "China’s P2P Lending and Lessons of Sub-prime Loans"(Koji Sakuma)
2017.3.27 "Increasing Demand for Infrastructure in Asia: Its Challenge"(Akira Nakamura)
2017.3.24 "Fed’s Rate Hike in March and Possible “Imperial Presidency”"(Kikuko Takeda)
2017.3.24 "Shadow of Recession Creeping into Mexico"(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2017.3.6 "Continued Uncertainty of Iranian Economy"(Yoshino Takeyama)
2017.3.3 "Mr. Trump’s Big Turn toward Financial Deregulation"(Mitsuru Yaguchi)
2017.3.2 "What the Productivity Gap between Japanese and the US Service Industry suggests"(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2017.2.27 "Let Us Think Important National Policies with Our Own Heads"( Koji Sakuma)
2017.2.24 "Strong New Zealand Economy ~Present Situation and Challenges of Japan’s TPP Partner"(Fumihiro Asano)
2017.2.24 "A Thought on Chinese Managed Floating Exchange Rate System in 2017"(Naoki Umehara)
2017.2.10 "Can the “Bitcoin” gain Citizenship? "(Kazuyuki Shiba)
2017.2.5 "Fostering of Bond Markets in CLM ~With Focus on Debt Problems in Lao P.D.R."(Yoshino Takeyama)
2017.2.3 "A Tale of Two Twists: Is China a Currency Manipulator?"(Kikuko Takeda)
2017.1.30 "Targeted City Istanbul ~Deteriorating Security Erodes Confidence of Turkish People~"(Akira Nakamura)
2017.1.27 " “Trump Rally” at Crossroads: Three-way Tolerance Tested for a Sustainable Stronger Dollar"(Kikuko Takeda)
2017.1.19 "Consequences of Populist Policies: A Case in Argentina "(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2017.1.18 "Concerned Outflow of Money from Emerging Economies in 2017"(Yoshino Takeyama)
2017.1.18 "The Importance of Financial Statistics"(Koji Sakuma)
2017.1.16 "Interpreting the Recent Abe-Putin Territorial Negotiation in an Historical Context"(Tetsuo Sugano)