Publicity and Dissemination

We are actively disclosing our activities and releasing the outcomes of our research and studies by continually enhancing the contents of our website. Research reports, articles and data are uploaded on our website and available to anyone at any time. The major series of publications on our website are as follow:


Covering research reports on general themes.

International Financial Topics

Presenting brief essays analyzing the current issues on a timely basis.

International Economic and Financial Review

Presenting research papers including academic reports on international economic and financial discussions.

Occasional Paper

Presenting a record of symposiums held by the institute.

Purchasing Power Parities of Major Currencies

Offering data and graphs on long-term developments of the dollar-yen, euro-dollar, and euro-yen rates calculated on the basis of purchasing power parity.


Some of the outcomes and achievements of our research are also published in economic and financial magazines.

  • Monthly International Finance (The Institute of Foreign Exchange and Trade Research)
  • Monthly Capital Market (Capital Market Research Institute)
  • Weekly Economist (The Mainichi Newspapers)
  • Weekly Diamond (Diamond Co.)
  • The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Words (Jiyu Kokuminsha), etc..

To foster better understanding of international financial issues and thus contribute to society, we actively cooperate with and present lectures at such academic institutions as universities and graduate schools and other research institutions.