Research and Analysis

Research and analysis are the core of our activities.

They cover a variety of themes related to the international economy, ranging from macroscopic research on such issues as international finance and the international currency system to more specific studies on international capital flows and foreign exchange and capital markets, internationalization of the yen and the currency systems of emerging countries, studies on the transition to a market economy of developing countries, and Japanese overseas economic assistance including official yen loans. More recently, we have been quick to address the challenging issues involved in the spread of Islamic finance and financial inclusion which aims to develop financial services for the base of the pyramid (BOP) people.

Our activities include, (1) research and analyses conducted at our own initiative on timely topics, the outcomes of which are released in a series of International Economic and Financial Review and Newsletter, (2) those commissioned by the government authorities and public and private financial institutions and (3) collaborative studies and group sessions with other research institutions, both at home and abroad. All of these constitute very important pillars in the IIMA’ s research and analysis activities.

The outcomes of the research and analysis are released through a variety of media, including our website, for the purpose of public use. Through these activities, we wish to contribute to the stability and sound development of the economy and society.

To conduct such research and analysis, the IIMA employs competent staff members with ample experience in international financial business and financial markets, assisted also by numerous visiting researchers who are either experts in teaching international finance at universities or experienced specialists in international business activities, thus enabling us to address various themes in international economies.

The specific topics recently featured by this institute include the followings:

International macroeconomic issues

  • Developments in the international economic situation after the financial crisis
  • The US economy and the global imbalance
  • Euro currency ( the crisis in Greece and in Central and Eastern Europe, sovereign risks )
  • SDRs

Currency and financial cooperation in Asia

  • Asian Monetary Units (AMUs)
  • Multilateralization of the Chiang Mai Initiative
  • The Possibility of an Asian Monetary Fund
  • Capital markets in Asia

Developing Economies

  • Fostering financial markets in Asia
  • Development finance and financial assistance such as yen loans
  • Islamic finance
  • Financial inclusion

Emerging Economies

  • Economies and currencies in Latin America and the Middle East
  • The Chinese economy and internationalization of the Chinese yuan
  • The oil money