Asia・Oceania | Economy・Politics(2017)

2017.11.24 IIMA Report The Current Situation and Outlook of the Lao Economy(Tetsuro Anan)
2017.11.14 IIMA Report The Second Term of the Xi Jinping Leadership: New Economic Team to Start its Full-fledged Activities Next March(Naoki Umehara)
2017.9.22 IIMA Report Overview of the 5th National Financial Work Conference: China Seeks for Financial Stability and Development(Naoki Umehara)
2017.9.21 IIMA Report 50th Anniversary of ASEAN: Present Situation of its Economic Integration and Challenges Ahead(Ayako Yamaguchi)
2017.8.17 IIMA Report Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: As a new comer in the society of Multilateral Development Banks(Zongyuan Liu,Naoki Umehara)
2017.8.10 IIMA Report Malaysian Economy: Performance and Outlook ~Sustainability of its Current Account Surplus and its Risk Factors~(Akira Nakamura)
2017.7.28 IIMA Report Japanese Current Account Structure: Its Regional Features and Implications(Akira Nakamura)
2017.7.19 IIMA Report Sri Lanka Economy: Present Situation and Risk Factors ~Will Diversification of Exports be Achievedby Sophistication of the Economy?~(Akira Nakamura)
2017.6.14 IIMA Commentary "A success of China’s “Belt and Road” Forum may help improve Japan-China relations "(Naoki Umehara)
2017.6.10 IIMA Report Strong Indian Economy: Its Backgrounds and Risk Factors(Akira Nakamura)
2017.5.29 IIMA Commentary "The Increasing Presence of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)~Future Roles of Japan~"(Kazuyuki Shiba)
2017.5.16 IIMA Commentary "GST to be Introduced Soon in India amid the high growth and continued poverty"(Akira Nakamura)
2017.4.21 IIMA Commentary "Japan also should introduce a regulatory sandbox for FinTech"(Mitsuru Yaguchi)
2017.4.7 IIMA Commentary "China’s Expected Financial Reforms in 2017~In the stability-concentrated economic management~"(Naoki Umehara)
2017.4.3 IIMA Commentary "China’s P2P Lending and Lessons of Sub-prime Loans"(Koji Sakuma)
2017.3.27 IIMA Commentary "Increasing Demand for Infrastructure in Asia: Its Challenge"(Akira Nakamura)
2017.3.14 IIMA Report China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” : Its Features and Future(Naoki Umehara)
2017.3.2 IIMA Commentary "What the Productivity Gap between Japanese and the US Service Industry suggests"(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2017.2.27 IIMA Commentary "Let Us Think Important National Policies with Our Own Heads"( Koji Sakuma)
2017.2.24 IIMA Commentary "Strong New Zealand Economy ~Present Situation and Challenges of Japan’s TPP Partner"(Fumihiro Asano)
2017.2.24 IIMA Commentary "A Thought on Chinese Managed Floating Exchange Rate System in 2017"(Naoki Umehara)
2017.2.10 IIMA Report Roles of Insurance and Pensions in the APEC Region(Ryota Mizuno)
2017.1.16 IIMA Commentary "Interpreting the Recent Abe-Putin Territorial Negotiation in an Historical Context"(Tetsuo Sugano)