Asia・Oceania | Economy・Politics(2018)

2018.12.11 IIMA Report Pakistan's Dilemmas between the US and China-Resolution of Foreign Currency Shortage Postponed-(Yosuke Fujii)
2018.11.12 IIMA Commentary "How to assess the impacts of US-China Trade Conflict on the Asian Emerging Economies"(Mitsuru Yaguchi)
2018.10.19 IIMA Report Hong Kong Economy in Closer Relationship with Mainland: Its Struggle for New Development(Naoki Umehara)
2018.10.15 IIMA Report US-China Trade Conflicts and China's Economic Management as of August 2018(Naoki Umehara)
2018.10.12 IIMA Report The Malaysian Economy: Current Situation and Prospect(Akira Nakamura)
2018.9.3 IIMA Commentary "Will China’s Foreign Aid Provoke a “Debt Trap”?~Two Points to be Considered for the Argument~"(Mitsuru Yaguchi)
2018.8.31 IIMA Report The Pakistan Economy ~Looming FX Shortage: Slowdown of Domestic Demand and Enhanced FX Earning Capacity Required~(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2018.8.24 IIMA Report The Labour Market in Japan and Its Demographic Problems (Koji Sakuma)
2018.8.9 IIMA Report Recent Developments of the Indonesian Economy(Yoshino Takeyama)
2018.8.3 IIMA Report Economic Issues Facing India before the Upcoming General Election(Akira Nakamura)
2018.7.30 IIMA Commentary "Difficult Start for the New Pakistan Administration"Hiroshi Morikawa,Senior Economist(Yosuke Fujii)
2018.7.30 IIMA Commentary "Infrastructure Projects in Southeast Asia, Some of them are under review"(Akira Nakamura)
2018.7.1 IIMA Report With Support of the IMF, Sri Lanka Makes efforts on Structural Reforms(Akira Nakamura)
2018.5.28 IIMA Commentary "Expanding Travel Surplus Helps Improve Japan’s Services Account"(Akira Nakamura)
2018.5.7 IIMA Report Recent Developments of the Myanmar Economy(Yoshino Takeyama)
2018.4.9 IIMA Report Xi Jinping Administration Starts its Second Term Following Revisions of Party and National Constitutions(Naoki Umehara)
2018.4.3 IIMA Report Emerging Twin Deficits in the Philippines Economy ~Outlook and Risks~(Reiko Ushioda)
2018.2.1 IIMA Report Changes of Tokyo Financial Market: From a Perspective of a Global Financial Center(Mitsuru Yaguchi)
2018.1.4 IIMA Report Global Value Chains in ASEAN(Ayako Yamaguchi)