What’s NEW(2015)

2015.12.18 "U.S. Monetary Policy Normalization, Concerned Effects "(Ayako Akiyama)
2015.12.14 "European Macroeconomics Imbalance: New Employment Indicators "(Ayako Yamaguchi)
2015.11.30 "Providing Africa with Asia’s Experience in Development Finance "(Akira Nakamura)
2015.11.2 "Start of the Yuan Cross-Border Payment System "(Yuko Gomi)
2015.10.23 "Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Deaton’s Foreign Aid Criticism "(Yukimasa Fukuda)
2015.10.20 "Next Development Agenda – World Bank / IMF Report says demographic change is the central challenge "(Ayako Akiyamai)
2015.10.9 "Hard-won Agreement of the TPP "(Ayako Yamaguchi)
2015.10.5 Internationalization of the Renminbi:Xi Government Puts National Prestige on its Inclusion in the SDR Basket(Tetsuji Murase)
2015.9.28 "Ongoing Change in Japan’s Development Stage of Balance of Payments "(Akira Nakamura)
2015.9.14 "Record Net Selling by Non-Japanese Investors in August and the USD/JPY Rate "(Atsushi Kato)
2015.9.7 "A Severe Winter for the South American Economy "(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2015.8.31 "Encountering Bangkok Bombing "(Yukimasa Fukuda)
2015.8.24 "The Devaluation of the Chinese Yuan – From a Purchasing Power Point of View "(Koji Sakuma)
2015.8.19 How Asian Countries have Affected Composition of Japan's Current Account Surplus(Akira Nakamura)
2015.8.17 "The Trend of Currencies of the London Foreign Exchange Market "(Yuko Gomi)
2015.8.10 "Minimum Wage Increase Pushed by Rising Concern of Income Inequality "(Ayako Akiyama)
2015.8.3 "Inbound Tourists –Government’s Target of 20 Million a Year Almost to be Met This Year "(Atsushi Kato)
2015.7.27 "China, after Emergency Countermeasures towards the Stock Market approaches the Season of the Beidaihe Meeting "(Noaki Umehara)
2015.7.21 "A Change in Africa’s Heavy Dependence on China? "(Akira Nakamura)
2015.7.16 "Terrorism and Economy:A Case of Kenya "(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2015.7.14 "Crude Oil price to be sustained below $60? "(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2015.7.14 "Flaws of the Euro revealed by the chaos surrounding the Greek Crisis "(Ayako Yamaguchi)
2015.7.10 Developments of IIMA-GMVI in the first half of 2015
2015.7.6 "Brazil’s Negative Spiral Impact of Resumption of Iran’s Crude Oil Exports "(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2015.6.29 "Asia’s infrastructure was not built in a day "(Yukimasa Fukuda)
2015.6.22 "Points of PBOC’s “Report of RMB Internationalization” "(Yuko Gomi)
2015.6.15 "The Recovery of the Nikkei ~ What’s needed for a Full Recovery "(Koji Sakuma)
2015.6.8 "Crude oil may be oversupplied for a while "(Ayako Akiyama)
2015.6.1 "The Increasing Uncertainly of Turkey’s Politics/Economy and the Outcome of General Election "(Akira Nakamura)
2015.5.25 "An active China stock market with a decelerating economy "(Noki Umehara)
2015.5.18 "UK Parliament Election : Victory of the Conservative Party "(Ayako Yamaguchi)
2015.5.11 "As the Establishment of AEC at the end of 2015 approaches "(Atsushi Kato)
2015.4.27 "A Watch on the Economy of Resource Rich Countries "(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2015.4.20 "AIIB's ‘lean, clean and green' "(Yukimasa Fukuda)
2015.4.13 "On Deposit Insurance in China"(Yuko Gomi)
2015.4.6 "Why Decline in Long-term Interest Rates are a Concern for the Economy"(Koji Sakuma)
2015.3.31 Recent Movements of Asian Bond markets(Ayako Akiyama)
2015.3.16 Fostering industry in countries with a large scale of the poor:Revisiting Adam Smith's view on economic development(Akira Nakamura)