2010.12.7 IIMA Report Hong Kong Renminbi Offshore Market and Risks to Chinese Economy(Tetsuji Murase)
2010.11.29 IIMA Report Regional Monetary Unit for Minimizing Misalignment and Volatility of Exchange Rates in the Region(Yozo Nishimura)
2010.11.26 IIMA Report Structural Reforms in East Asia: The Key to Sustaining Global Recovery and Advancing Regional Free Trade(Julius Caesar Parrenas)
2010.11.8 IIMA Report Post Crisis World Economy: Further coordination at G20 is necessary(Yoshihiro Watanabe,Ayako Yamaguchi)
2010.10.11 IIMA Report The Crisis and the Future of the World Economy(Toyoo Gyohten)
2010.9.28 IIMA Report The Bundesbank Executive Sarrazin: Implications for the German and European CentralBank(Markus Heckel)
2010.9.1 IIMA Report Don't be misguidedby the real effective exchange rate of the Yen: Clues for interpreting the severity of the higher yen(Yozo Nishimura,Jun Tanaka)
2010.8.25 IIMA Report Post Crisis World Economy: While financial market turmoil in Europe has calmed, concerns remain for a further economic downturn(Yoshihiro Watanabe,Ayako Yamaguchi)
2010.5.28 IIMA Report What Comes Next?(Toyoo Gyohten)
2010.5.19 IIMA Report Post Crisis World Economy: Rebalancing of Economic Growth(Yoshihiro Watanabe,Ayako Yamaguchi)
2010.5.18 IIMA Report Suggestions for the Internationalization and Stability of the Renminbi(Tetsuji Murase)
2010.2.12 IIMA Report Post Crisis World Economy: Global Rebalancing(Yoshihiro Watanabe,Ayako Yamaguchi)
2010.2.12 IIMA Report The First 150 days under the DPJ Administration ~Can Japan be reformed ?~(Yoshihiro Watanabe,Ayako Yamaguchi)