2016.12.20 IIMA Commentary "(Efforts to Foster) Bond Markets in the Philippines"(Ayako Akiyama)
2016.12.12 IIMA Commentary "Be Watchful for The Year Ending with Number 7 Is it by an Accident or of a Necessity that an International Financial Crisis Occursin Every Decade?"(Kazuyuki Shiba)
2016.12.9 IIMA Commentary "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Future financial reforms in China"(Naoki Umehara)
2016.12.6 International Economic and Financial Review Money Flow in the Emerging Countries after the Financial Crisis : Its Characteristics and Challenges(Koji Sakuma)
2016.11.28 IIMA Commentary "Interests of African Development Financial Institutions and their Challenges"(Akira Nakamura)
2016.11.25 IIMA Commentary "The Election of Donald Trump to the next President and the Response of Chinaquot;―In uncertainties after unusual presidential election―"(Naoki Umehara)
2016.11.17 IIMA Commentary "“President Trump” and His First 100 Honeymoon Days: Thoughts on Sustainability of Stronger Dollar"(Kikuko Takeda)
2016.11.14 IIMA Commentary "The Trend in Regional Unification in Africa"(Yoshino Takeyama)
2016.11.7 IIMA Commentary "Aging Society Puts Pressure on Japanese Education Budget"(Koji Sakuma)
2016.10.25 IIMA Commentary "Vietnam’s Bond Market: How It Is Now"(Ayako Akiyama)
2016.10.21 IIMA Commentary "Renewed SDR of the IMF Goes into Operation―China needs Stability of Domestic Economy―"(Naoki Umehara)
2016.10.19 IIMA Commentary "Issues of Security and Ethical Responsibility that Accompany the Development of AI"(Kazuyuki Shiba)
2016.10.3 IIMA Commentary "Japan’s Balance of Payments~Slowly Shifting to Mature Creditor in BOP Development Stage?"(Akira Nakamura)
2016.9.20 IIMA Commentary "Stability in the US Labor Market Supports Early Rate Hike Advocators"(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2016.9.15 IIMA Commentary "Will AI Outperform Human Beings?"(Koji Sakuma)
2016.9.13 IIMA Commentary "Robust Employment in the US— Will It Lead to Interest Rate Hike Within This Year? —(Kazuyuki Shiba)
2016.9.9 IIMA Commentary "TICAD Ⅵ ~Developments of African Economy~"(Yoshino Takeyama)
2016.9.9 IIMA Commentary "The Back Side of China’s Stable GDP Data ―Slowing Economy and Expected Structural Reforms on the Supply Side―"(Naoki Umehara)
2016.8.29 IIMA Commentary "How They are Fostering the Bond Markets in CLM(Cambodia, Lao P.D.R. and Myanmar)"(Ayako Akiyama)
2016.8.26 IIMA Commentary "BOE’s “Monetary Easing in Three Dimensions”: Common Points and Differences with BOJ and their Implications"(Kikuko Takeda)
2016.8.1 IIMA Commentary "The World Bank that supported the restoration of post-war Japan and the Tokyo Olympics"(Akira Nakamura)
2016.7.27 IIMA Commentary "Rio Olympic Games to Start with Many Anxieties"(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2016.7.25 IIMA Commentary "Discussions in This Year’s Bank Economist Meetings"(Koji Sakuma)
2016.7.12 IIMA-GMVI Developments of IIMA-GMVI in the first half of 2016
2016.7.4 IIMA Commentary "Update on the Developments of the Asian Bond Market Initiative "(Ayako Akiyama)
2016.6.13 IIMA Commentary "Asian PPP Projects and Soft Infrastructure improvement"(Akira Nakamura)
2016.6.6 IIMA Commentary "Thoughts on the “US Treasury’s Foreign Exchange Report to Congress”"(Kikuko Takeda)
2016.5.30 IIMA Commentary "Shrinking External Imbalance of Brazil "(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2016.5.27 IIMA Report Banking sectors in Some Asian Countries : An Analysis from the Flow of Funds Accounts(Ayako Yamaguchi,Tomotaka Tamura)
2016.5.27 IIMA Commentary "The Presence of AIIB in the ADB’s Annual Meeting"(Koji Sakuma)
2016.5.23 IIMA Commentary "Efforts towards FinTech in Hong Kong"(Yuko Gomi)
2016.5.9 IIMA Commentary "Grim Outlook for Japan’s Exports to Iran amid Intensifying Competitions"(Ayako Akiyama)
2016.4.25 IIMA Commentary "BREXIT may push down the UK GDP by 6% in the long-run? Estimates of HM Treasury of the UK"(Ayako Yamaguhi)
2016.4.13 IIMA Commentary " Non-conventional, non-mainstream, and non-state~Issues listed at the start of a new fiscal year~"(Kikuko Takeda)
2016.4.11 IIMA Commentary "The Focus of India’s State Parliament Election"(Akira Nakamura)
2016.3.29 IIMA Commentary "Recent turbulences suggest the limit of the world economy’s capacity~Worries about currency wars and secular stagnation theory~"(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2016.3.22 IIMA Commentary "U.S. Presidential Election and the Underserved"(Yukimasa Fukuda)
2016.3.14 IIMA Commentary "A Report of “Vietnam 2035” "(Yuko Gomi)
2016.3.8 IIMA Commentary "National People's Congress and Structural Reforms in China"(Koji Sakuma)
2016.2.29 IIMA Commentary "People’s Efforts Towards the Enhancement of the East Asian Cooperation"(Ayako Akiyama)
2016.2.26 IIMA Commentary "To Be or Not to Be in the EU?“Tough-on-the-EU”Cameron Going to Hold Referendum on June 23"(Kikuko Takeda)
2016.2.22 IIMA Commentary "Should EU grant Market Economy Status to China under WTO Law?"(Ayako Yamaguhi)
2016.2.15 IIMA Commentary "China’s Economic Reform in 2016 – Will it be a Tough Year?"(Naoki Umehara)
2016.2.12 IIMA Commentary "Commodity Price Shocks and Financial Instability~IMF concerns transmission channels to financial sector~"(Kikuko Takeda)
2016.2.8 IIMA Commentary "The Meaning of the Close Race at the Iowa caucus"(Akira Nakamura)
2016.2.5 IIMA Commentary "UK’s Renminbi Strategy (2): AIIB as a Foothold for the Second Stage"(Kikuko Takeda)
2016.2.1 IIMA Commentary "A Perspective on the Chinese Bubble"(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2016.1.25 IIMA Commentary "What are the World Financial Markets afraid of?"(Koji Sakuma)
2016.1.20 IIMA Report Indispensable conditions for the development of financial markets(Koji Sakuma)
2016.1.18 IIMA Commentary "Retrospect: Japan-China-South Korea Cooperation and WB President Kim"(Yukimasa Fukuda)
2016.1.18 IIMA Commentary "Highlights of 2016 world economy that started with unexpected turbulences"(Hiroshi Morikawa)
2016.1.12 IIMA Report Industrie 4.0 : Germany's Fourth Industrial Revolution ∼;Implications for Japan∼;(Ayako Yamaguchi)
2016.1.12 IIMA-GMVI Developments of IIMA-GMVI in the latter half of 2015
2016.1.12 IIMA Commentary "A New Renminbi Index: The CFETS RMB Index"(Yuko Gomi)
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2016.1.5 IIMA Commentary "Is diverseness of Asia an obstacle to collaboration?"(Koji Sakuma)