2019.12.25 IIMA Report AIIB's Business Coming to the Fifth Year after Opening(Naoki Umehara)
2019.12.16 IIMA Commentary Will BigTech Continue to Make Progress? (Looking Back on the 2010s) (Kazuyuki Shiba)
2019.10.28 IIMA conducted JICA’s Co-creation Program: Strengthening of Development Financial Institutions (DFIs) in SADC Countries
2019.10.25 IIMA Report Grasping Adequate Level of Foreign Exchange Reserves ~Assessment of Solvency Capacity Using the DT and the ARA Metric~(Atsushi Tomatsu)
2019.9.10 IIMA Report Prospects of the South Africa’s Economy(Yoshino Takeyama)
2019.8.26 IIMA Report Raising consumption tax rate will terminate a vicious circle in the Japanese economy(Koji Sakuma)
2019.7.9 IIMA-GMVI Developments of IIMA-GMVI in the first half of 2019
2019.6.25 IIMA Commentary Financial Reform in China: New Nasdaq-Style Board to Debut on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Zhuolun Cheng, Research Assistant)
2019.6.19 IIMA Report Rebalancing of ASEAN’s Relations with China(Aki Fukuchi)
2019.6.12 IIMA Report A Consideration on China's Investment in Africa (Kazuyuki Shiba)
2019.6.7 IIMA Report President Watanabe meets Japan Prime Minister Abe as a member of T20 Japan delegation
2019.6.3 IIMA Commentary Chinese Economy with Slight Improvement in Jan.-Mar. Quarter (Naoki Umehara)
2019.5.15 IIMA Commentary Gradually Intensifying Trade Frictions between the US and India(Aki Fukuchi)
2019.4.17 IIMA Report Current Status of Anti-money Laundering Measures in Virtual Currency Transaction: Based on the Virtual Currency Market in Transition(Kazuyuki Shiba)
2019.4.15 IIMA Report Indonesian Economy: Recent Developments and Its Challenges(Aki Fukuchi)
2019.4.7 IIMA Report Guest Commentary to The Yomiuri Shimbun : "Placing blame abroad won't end inequality" (Hiroshi Watanabe)
2019.3.22 IIMA Report How Far is Shanghai INE Crude Oil Futures from an International Benchmark in Oil Pricing?(Jie Zhang, Research Assistant, IIMA)
2019.3.20 IIMA Report Uzbekistan's Economy: Recent Development and Its Challenges(Yasuyuki Kumon, Principal Economist, Emerging Economy Research Department, IIMA)
2019.2.12 IIMA Report Global Value Chains (GVCs) in East Asia:Can They Contribute to Further Sophistication of Regional Industries under the Head Wind of Intensifying Trade Frictions?(Ayako Yamaguchi)
2019.1.25 IIMA Report The Indonesian Economy: An Analysis of its Capital Outflow Risks(Yoshino Takeyama)
2019.1.10 IIMA-GMVI Developments of IIMA-GMVI in the second half of 2018