1. Regional Financial Architecture in East Asia

IIMA was commissioned by ASEAN Secretariat for the research titled “Economic Surveillance and Policy Dialogue in East Asia”. We set up an expert team and conducted a study in cooperation with think tanks outside Japan. We also participated in the study on “Enhance the Functions of the Chiang Mai Initiative in the Medium Term”, also initiated by ASEAN Secretariat.

2. Nurturing Asian Bond Markets

Research Committee on Asian Bond Markets
IIMA had intensive discussions on the practical issues and measures to nurture Asian bond markets in Asia. We interviewed and exchanged opinions with the active market participants in Thailand and Malaysia and published a report of the discussions, which also included the result from the discussions of the committee held in 2003.

Technical Assistance on Development of Vietnamese Government Bond Market
IIMA provided the technical assistance to set up the legal framework for the Central Securities Depository in Vietnam which establishment was noted in the bond market development plan, and published a report of its result.

3. Promotion of the Internationalization of the Yen

Trade Finance Scheme in Japanese Yen for Exporting Companies in Vietnam
Focusing on how to expand the Yen denominated trade finance to exporting companies in Vietnam by local commercial banks, we set up an unofficial task force with the members from the Vietnamese central bank, relevant authorities, local private banks and Japanese banks to discuss the issues and possibilities from various aspects. Concurrently, we exchanged opinions on the infrastructure development of the financial and foreign exchange markets which would serve as a basic infrastructure for the trade finance expansion.

Trade Finance Scheme in Japanese Yen for Exporting Companies in Thailand
IIMA conducted research on the Yen denominated trade finance in Thailand. By hearing from foreign financial institutions in Thailand, we analyzed the appropriateness and implementation of the financial regulations of the country including “the Financial Sector Master Plan” which was released on January, 2004.

4. Serving as Asian Secretariat of ASEM Task Force

At the 5th meeting of the ASEM Task Force which was held in Barcelona in May 2004, IIMA worked as a role of the Asian secretariat and summarized the concrete and feasible policy proposals regarding trade, investment and finance. The policy proposals were formally presented from the group of co-presidents of ASEM Task Force (Mr. Gyohten was the president for Asian region) to the 5th ASEM Summit held in Hanoi on October 2004.

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5. Research on Regional Public Goods

Ahead of Tokyo Forum hosted by IDB and ADB, supported by JBIC in October 2004, IIMA conducted a research on the current situation of the supply by JBIC and other donors of regional public goods (regional project) which provides cross-border benefit and convenience in the region.