1. Research on the Currency and Finance in the East Asian Region

“Research on the Possibility of the Regional Monetary Unit (RMU)”
“Research on the Korean Won and Korean Financial Sector”

We investigated the possibility of the use of the Regional Monetary Unit (RMU), and how it could be first utilized as an indicator of economic surveillance in Asia and ultimately expanded to be used in the private transactions. We visited Korea to study the present status of regulations on the Korean won and other various issues related to Korean financial sector.

2. Research on the Cooperation through the Public Funds

After visiting Malaysia to investigate the performance of the Malaysian development project supported by the JBIC public fund, we prepared an evaluation report on the project and the fund used.

3. Research on the Banking Sector

IIMA conducted a research on the Banking sector of Turkey.

4. Research on Latin America Economy

We continuously followed the development of Latin American countries and made reports with economic indicators and other reference materials. The reports were included in several monthly review magazines.

5. Other Topics

We also made reports on the following issues.
・The US economy
・The euro and sovereign risks in Europe
・The Chinese economy (e.g. Internationalization of the Renminbi, property bubbles)
・The Islamic finance