1. Research and Study on the Regional Financial Cooperation in East Asia

“Study on the Practical Use of Regional Currencies in East Asian Trade and its Promotion”
Based on economic data and corporate hearings, we conducted a multifaceted analysis on the status of the use of regional currencies in East Asian trade and examined the issues whether the promotion of regional currencies in trade would contribute to the heightened economic growth and stability in East Asia, and if so what measures could be taken for that purpose.

2. Research on the Cooperation through Public Funds

We conducted a field research by hearings on the performance of a development project for Malaysia under the public fund, and prepared an evaluation report.

3. Research on Monetary Integration in East Asia

IIMA reviewed the terms and conditions for establishing a monetary union in East Asia in long run. Given the experiences the European countries had in accomplishing the monetary union, we also discussed the preferences whether Japan should participate or not in the possible East Asia Monetary Union and presented feasible policy agendas that Japan should follow.

4. Research on Latin America Economy

We conducted economic researches on Latin American countries, and contributed the results to monthly review magazines.

5. Other Topics

We made research reports on the following issues.
・Environment Finance
・Exit strategies from financial crisis and financial regulations
・Monetary issues such as a key currency and the SDRs
・The economic situation in the Middle East and the oil money
・Base of pyramid (BOP) , microfinance