1. Research on the Banking Sector in India

IIMA reviewed the banking sector in India to support Japanese companies in India by utilizing Indian commercial banks, and made a report on it.

2. Research related to the Public Financial Cooperation

IIMA reviewed a project for Malaysia which was supported by the Japanese public finance, and made a report evaluating on its accomplishments and challenges ahead.

3. Research on Regional Credit Rating System in Asia

IIMA reviewed the situation of credit rating system in Asia, and analyzed relevant discussions to make a report on the desirable shape of regional credit rating schemes, agencies, and infrastructures that will activate cross-border bond investments in Asia.

4. Research on Specific Countries

IIMA reviewed the country risks of some specific countries in Europe, CIS, Middle East, and Latin America.

5. Research on Other Specific Themes

We also studied the following topics and composed reports.
・Banking sectors in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Philippines, and China
・Internationalization of Yen and currencies of developing countries
・Economic developments in Latin American countries
・Offshore Market for the Renminbi
・Domestic bond markets in the Asian region
・European System of Central Banks
・Delinquencies in debt payments in some African countries