1. Business on Asian Financial Cooperation

We had conducted a training project by the theme “Bond Market Development in ASEAN Countries” to the officers and employees of the government, central bank, and the securities commission of Indochina four countries (3 years ongoing projects from last year).
Part of the training had also been carried out in public to the Asian financial officials who were in training at the other Japanese government agencies at the same time

2. Business on Financial Cooperation in the MENA(*) Region

*Middle East and North Africa

We visited such as Algiers and Abu Dhabi and held a short-term concentration seminar about “Maintenance of Financial Markets”. The theme was, long-term finance, public finance, the development of the bond market, and so forth, and the participants were the officers and employees of ministry of finance and central bank of the Islamic countries of MENA. As the revenue decreased due to the depression of crude oil prices, there was a growing demand for issuing government bonds in the MENA oil-producing countries. At the seminar, we had received a very strong interest from participants.

3. Business on Financial Cooperation in the Southern Africa Region

We had conducted training program about “Development Finance” to the southern African countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and so forth. The participants were the director class of public development banks of each country. We also conducted tours of the infrastructure such as high-speed railway and the thermal power station, and did a comprehensive training to meet the interest for development banks’ officers and employees such as financial theory and practice, infrastructure development projects that funds are used, and so forth.

4. Survey on Country Risk

We had conducted a survey on country risk, such as Portugal, Kazakhstan, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Angola, Russia, Brazil, Mongolia, the Euro area, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, South Africa, Thailand, and Cambodia.