1. Research on the Financial Cooperation in Asia

“Review of Effectiveness of Technical Assistance on Bond Market Development under the Japan–ASEAN Financial Technical Assistance Fund (JAFTA)”
IIMA made an ex-post evaluation study on the Asian Bond Market Development Project that was financially supported by the JAFTA, and submitted a report that covered the present situation of the bond markets in 7 ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Brunei) and their governments’ efforts and achievements in fostering their markets. It also reviewed and discussed further challenges they would face.

2. Research on the Global Financial Order

“Research on the OTC Derivative Markets in Hong Kong and Singapore”
We researched the OTC derivative markets in Hong Kong and Singapore, two outstanding markets in Asia, mainly focusing on their local characteristics, the state of regulations, and progress of regulatory reforms.

3. Research related to the Public Financial Cooperation

IIMA reviewed a project for Malaysia which was sponsored with the Japanese public finance, and made a report on its accomplishments and challenges ahead.

4. Research on Emerging Countries

IIMA reviewed the economic developments of Latin American countries, country risks of the Middle East and Eastern Europe countries, and the recent progress of capital controls in emerging countries. Reports on these topics were created respectively.

5. Research on other individual themes

We also studied the following topics and composed reports.
・Mid to long term prospects of the US dollar and the Euro
・Banking sectors in China, Indonesia, and India
・Economic cooperation in the Asia and Pacific region through FTA and TPP